VIM Launches Women’s Health Initiative

VIM has just launched a Women’s Health Initiative, thanks to a generous grant from the Massachusetts Medical Society and Alliance Charitable Foundation, and funds from our fantastic donors.  We will now offer a weekly Women’s Health Clinic and add three new members to our specialized team of practitioners.

VIM Women’s Health Initiative patient (light grey jacket) meets with Linda Baxter, CNM (far right), and other members of VIM’s integrated healthcare team.

The Women’s Health Initiative reflects VIM’s focus on ensuring equity of care for all under-served patient populations. Many of our female patients have never had any specialized care and come from cultures that discourage discussion of intimate topics. VIM has a strong track record of building trust with our patients through our multilingual, multi-cultural staff and volunteers. Our experience will serve us well as we continue to build this important health program.

Ilana Steinhauer, FNP and VIM Executive Director

Through the Women’s Health Initiative, VIM will deliver education about sexual and reproductive health along with access to a range of preventive care services—including Pap smears and mammograms, birth control, hormonal therapy—and quality treatment for issues including menopause symptoms, urinary issues and pelvic floor dysfunction.

Joining long-time VIM nurse-midwife and women’s health volunteer Linda Baxter, CNM, are nurse-midwives Julia Rausch, CNM, Carly Detterman, CNM, and Dr. Joan Lister, OBGYN. Sharon True, certified pelvic floor fitness professional, will also provide services.

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