VIM Berkshires’ Model of Care

VIM provides entirely free comprehensive care under one roof including internal medicine, dentistry, optometry, pain management, and behavioral health.

Our integrated approach teaches patients to better manage their own health through nutrition counseling, exercise programs, and lifestyle changes.

VIM offers innovative programs to address patients’ needs.  Our Shared Medical Appointments – monthly meetings with those who share a medical diagnosis – educate and help to foster permanent behavioral change. 

Because our patients see a doctor or nurse on a regular basis we can identify serious conditions such as heart disease and cancer before they become critical. And, if possible, we help them enroll in health insurance so that their medical care continues without interruption in the future. Even a single visit can mean the difference between life and death.


Year after year, VIM sees patients in need of critical, life-saving procedures.  VIM negotiates world-class medical care at no cost, including transportation to Boston and Springfield.

I thought: I’m alone, I don’t care about my health. But being in the group, where everyone cared, I started to care. Now I feel 100% better.

Patient Stories

The VIM doctor found out I had a cyst on my brain.  I needed surgery in Boston and it was completely successful.  Now I’m back on the job and I have a new lease on life.