Meet Our Volunteers

VIM Berkshires is a volunteer-driven organization.  Our dedicated volunteers provide community outreach, writing and other communications services, event planning, fundraising, translation, patient transportation and patient relations. Their generous donation of time and expertise are invaluable.

For a complete listing of all Winter 2016-17 administrative volunteers, please click here.


Nancy Bernstein

Tricia Bevan

“Health insurance is such a quality of life issue. Using my public relations experience I hope to help VIM gain the recognition it deserves for delivering caring healthcare services to those in need.”

Hildi Black

I love being able to use my background in Event Planning as I work on fundraising projects for VIM.  It ‘s very satisfying to see and hear the positive results of the hard work of the volunteers and staff – to know that VIM makes such a difference in so many lives. Without VIM, many people in the area would be without health care.

Tom Drury

Catherine Mandel

A volunteer since VIM’s founding in 2004, Catherine has been active in many roles during her tenure at VIM. Retired from her position as the Artistic Associate of StageWest in Springfield, Mass., she now uses her creative and organizational talents on our Communications Committee. “VIM has such an impact on our community, changing and bettering the lives of so many. Our very small staff and our volunteers are committed, dedicated, and incredibly efficient people.”

Christine Martin

Genis Melendez-Delaney

I’m a retired school principal, but I’m using my bilingual skills in my role at VIM. I volunteer because I know the organization is needed and there is a philosophical fit with my beliefs. The clinic offers significant services to those who cannot get them otherwise. VIM clinicians have a genuine concern for their clients – a serious concern for the whole person, medical, social and psychological.

Jeani Parsons

“VIM is a lifesaver! I say that as someone with many years experience as a hospital volunteer. VIM patients are treated with dignity and respect; staff go out of their way to make them comfortable.”

Christophe Pichard

Michael Richman

Marilyn Rossier

“I find my skills as an ordained minister and a psychiatric/mental health nurse have been a great help during my two years at VIM. I value that patients are cared for in such gentle and respectful ways.”

Molly Sheriff

Everyone should have medical care, even if they can’t afford it. The Berkshire’s economy is dependent on many of our clients working in local businesses. VIM supports those who would fall through the cracks, keeping them healthy, working and independent. During my 8 years volunteering at the reception desk I have always observed staff and volunteer clinicians who are compassionate, knowledgeable and dedicated to delivering wonderful patient care with great respect.

Marguerite Sherman

“I love my job as a receptionist, and I love the fantastic volunteers! Patients, in turn, show their appreciation for the care they get — they can’t say enough good things about VIM!”

Don Steven

I fully embrace VIM’s mission. My work experience before retirement was in University administration, and I think that has helped me with the kind of organizational issues that crop up as I work the reception desk. I value the teamwork and commitment to the patients by clinicians and other volunteers at VIM, and the fact that VIM delivers medical and dental care to underserved communities.

Susan Van Sickle

I have always been drawn to volunteering, especially in the medical field.  I also wanted an outlet for my knowledge of Spanish.  I taught Spanish at Lee High School for my entire career. I was raised in the Dominican Republic and Philippine Islands which gave me a real appreciation for cultural diversity.  I see VIM as a community unto itself, with most patients forming warm relationships with staff, and each and every provider helping to create a very welcoming atmosphere.

Ruth Weinstein

“I have spent many years in health-related organizations.  I love the non-judgmental attitude toward patients and the often life-altering interventions that VIM provides. It’s an extra plus to be able to use my Spanish again.”