David Grover

“I knew for a long time that my gums were in bad shape, but could never afford to fix the problem properly. It kept getting worse, eventually impacting my ability to sing and speak properly. Finally, last spring I couldn’t put it off any longer. But as my work had almost completely dried up in the wake of the financial meltdown in 2008, I was flat broke, and I had no insurance coverage. Luckily, a friend suggested I go to VIM to see if they could help.

“From the minute I walked in, I knew I’d found the miracle I needed. The staff made me feel comfortable right away, and not at all embarrassed about the dismal situation in which I found myself. I was treated by two wonderful volunteer dentists, who removed all of my remaining teeth and fit me with a new set of dentures.

“It was a long process, and I can’t really say it was a lot of fun, but it literally saved my life. My career as a musician would have been over. And my music is my life.

“I can honestly say that if VIM had not been there for me, or had made it difficult for me to get the care I so desperately needed, I would have given up. I simply didn’t have the energy to keep going. But the folks at VIM made it incredibly easy for me.

“I’m just one example of hundreds of people — our Berkshire neighbors, all — for whom VIM provides a life-saving safety net.

“Today, thanks to VIM, I’m back in the saddle, entertaining families and children with my music, as I hope to keep doing for a long time to come. It’s hard to express how wonderful I think this organization is, and how thankful I am for the care I received. For me it truly was a miracle, and I say that without hyperbole. I believe the health care system could learn a lot from VIM about how to treat people in need with dignity.”