2014 Holiday Party

VIM’s ninth annual holiday party was held Monday evening, December 15th, at Dewey Hall in Sheffield. It was a delightful party, attended by about 80 volunteers and their families. Located in the center of town on Route 7, Dewey Hall is built of fieldstone, marble and shingle with a high arching ceiling and exposed beams. It was built in 1887 to honor Orville Dewey, a Sheffield resident born there in 1794 who founded the Union Library. It more than accommodates VIM’s large group in its wood-panelled space. There is a stage, a sound system, a kitchen, and adequate parking, all of which help to make our event so successful.

The party provides a chance for VIM volunteers to get to know volunteers whose clinic schedules do not coincide with theirs, and to meet volunteers whose work takes place largely outside the facility itself. Volunteers from all areas of the clinic attended: board members, writers, receptionists, nurses, dental team members, doctors. We were a mix of volunteers who had been at VIM since before we opened our doors, to volunteers who have joined this year. Of course, most of our volunteers fall somewhere in between that ten-year span.

Huge thanks go to each and every one of them! Special thanks to volunteer Allan Goldstein, who cooked the delicious hams; to Domaney’s Fine Wines and Liquors for the selection of wine, and to Xicohtencatl, Bizen and Siam Square for donated food.

See the gallery for more holiday party photos.