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Richard and Cathleen Aldrich
Daniel and Stephanie Andrews
Pat and Tom Andrus
Robinzon Arboleda
Robert and Suzanne Bach
Martha J. Bailey
Joe Baker and Bonner McAllester
Elaine Barbato
Gwyneth Barger
David J. Barrett and Gina Hyams
Norma and Pablo Bautista
Blanche Bennett
Christa Collier, Berkshire County Kid’s Place
Berkshire Mountain Acupuncture
Berkshire South Regional Community Center
Donald and Gayle Bernstein
Marcia Bernstein
MacAnnex Corp.
Irina Bezrakova
Maria Black and Bernard Plishtin
Shirley and Steve Blanchard
Estella and John Bodnar
Jaime Bravo
Dianne Cooper Bridges
Lorna Brodtkorb
Hope Burgess
Joan and Daniel Burkhard
Camel Moving
James Caron
Mary Anne Carter
Robert and Carol Chambers
Adrienne Cohen
Arnold and Sue Cohen
Bruce and Joan Cohen
Janet and Gary Cookson
Emily Elizabeth and Katherine Cowan
Katherine Dean
Stanley and Mary Debkowski
Jose Delgado and Maria Galarza
Barbara Delmolino
Richard and Freyda Diamond
Stephen Dietemann
Dan and Linda Dillon
Pauline Dongala
Dennis and Diana Downing
Tom and Leila Drury
Margaret Dudley
Dr. Bruce and Reba Evenchik
Sue and Michael Fisch
Peter and Sue Fish
Harry Franklin
Joyce Freundlich
Dr. Stanley and Roberta Friedman
Thomas Funk
The GE Foundation
Joan Goodkind
Robert Gorden
Jonathan Gottlieb and Elizabeth Youngerman
Raymond and Lina Grogan
Guido’s Fresh Marketplace
Donald and Claire Gulick
Clyde and Beverly Haberman
Joel and Marsha Handel
Maureen and Tom Haugh
Anne and Nelson Hershman
Hildi Kaufman
Holiday Inn Express – Great Barrington
Nancy Hunter Young
Elizabeth Jaffe
Joe and Phyllis Jaffe
Marion Jansen
Diane and David Jensen
Jane Kasten
Sue and Art Kaufman
Ralph Kendall, MD
Nancy Kramer
Paul and Marcia Kreindler
Joan F. Kurber
Len Kusnetz and Gloria Berenzweig
Eve LaBelle
Carol and Alfred Landess
George Langton
Jamie Lynn and Scott Laprade
Stephen Lawrence
Fidel and Rosa Lazcano

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Philip and Susan Lebowitz
Susan and Benjamin Lechtman
Dr. Robert Lee and Family Practice Associates
Lois and Steve Lenett
Dr. Judith and Sydney Levine
Lilypad’s Landing BandB
Lael Locke
Phyllis and Walter Loeb
Alan and Elizabeth Lombardi
Dennis and Elaine Lynch
Judith Machanik
Ann R. Magri
Gregory and Kristen Mandel
Maria Martin
Dr. Ronald and Susan Match
Bernice Matty
Elaine and James Mazza
Crocket McGarrity
Nelda McGraw
Laura Meister
Michele’s Salon and Day Spa
Bruce and Cathy Miller
Mount Everett Landscaping and Construction
Judy Nardacci
A. William and Elisabeth Nayor
Herbert Newman
Natalie Newman
Aterah Nusrat
Diane Pearlman and Jeffrey Diamond
Jane and Larry Pellish
Martha Piper
Richard and Amy Pollack
David and Marsha Pottle
Marcia Powdermaker and Andrew Potler, MD
Sharon and Sherman Powell
Elaine Radiss
Maxene Raymond
Jose Rocche
Lori Rose
Myrna and Herman Rosen
Robert Rosen and Diane Saunders
Norman and Leonore Rosenfeld
Merrick Rossein and Karen Hopenwasser, M.D.
Frani and Al Rothman
Wendy Rothstein
Manuel Saavedra
Joseph and Patricia Salvadore
Stuart and Phyllis Sandrew
Marli Dos Santos Trindade
Larry Schecker
Antos Environ Corp.
Audrey and Martin Schlanger
Alvin and Myrna Schneiderman
Harriet and Walter Schwartz
Rita and Steve Schwartz
Jon Schweitzer
Howard and Shirley Shapiro
Harvey and Rita Simon
Mitchell Smilowitz
Lonnie Solomon
Jan and Bob Spero
Katherine Stevens
Lawrence Strauss
Studio Day Spa
Tev Sumner and Carol Robins
Dorothy Swimmer
John and Michele Sylvester
Arlene and Michael Symons
Eileen Taft
Nina Thayer
Timpane Construcrion
Arlene and Frank Tolopko
Dr. and Mrs. Henry Tulgan
Robert and Alba Tutnauer
Judith Uman and Michael Goodman
David and Katherine Vacheron
Nancy Vale
Vlada Rousseff
Linda Wayne
John and Marilyn Wightman
Ruth Williamson
Joan and Arthur Wing, III
Gregory W. and Jessie C. Witscher
Rene Wood
Margot Yondorf
Joshua Yurfest, MD
Rabbi Deborah Zecher and Rabbi Dennis Ross
Barbara Zheutlin
Jerome and Carolyn Zinn