Denyse Adler Elected to Board of Directors

Denyse Adler is one of the newest members of VIM Berkshires’ Board of Trustees and she has quickly made herself invaluable to the clinic. Denyse has been a VIM volunteer for about two years, recently became editor of our newsletter VIM Voices and is also an active member of our Communications Committee.

Denyse deep background and years of experience in healthcare in the New York City area means she offers insight into the current state of medicine nationally as well as compassion for our patients.

“I started as an oncology social worker,” said Denyse, “but I quickly began developing a broad range of services for cancer patients, including integrated emotional and physical care and outreach to underserved communities.”

Denyse went on to develop a major cancer center in New Jersey.

Later, as a consultant, she worked with multiple health and educational organizations in New York and New Jersey to expand the scope and reach of their services.

“As you might expect there have been monumental changes in healthcare in the last 45 years. Of course, the medical and psychological advances have been stunning, and although slower, the understanding of the interplay of those elements has also made considerable progress,” said Denyse. “Patients are now considered more as partners in their own well-being, and there is more transparency in healthcare communications.”

Denyse is a longtime seasonal homeowner but now lives full time in Otis.  She has a large family and enjoys travel with her husband, theatre, volunteering and living the “Berkshire lifestyle.”  She says working for VIM as a volunteer is a natural progression from her lifelong career.

“Recent changes in healthcare legislation seem to be leading toward more universal insurance coverage, but the gaps are deep and wide.

The real advance will be when “evidence-based,” high-quality, rational care is delivered to the whole population…something I hope to see in my lifetime.”