Tom Sakshaug Elected to VIM Board of Trustees

Ten-year volunteer dental clinician Dr. Tom Sakshaug has extended his role at VIM as he joins our Board.  In this new role, Tom will serve as a liaison with the dental clinic, offering guidance in updating the digital X-ray system and software.  His close ties with the North County community will be an asset in development and getting the word out about VIM’s significant contributions to the community.

Tom first joined the VIM clinical team along with his dental assistant Becky Tallis, at her suggestion.  This relationship has been gratifying.

“There is nothing like the feeling I get when I fix a bad esthetic situation on a young patient and … help to give them the confidence to improve their lives.  The same holds true if I can relieve someone’s pain. The ability to help folks get back to work and help themselves and their families is something I’ll never take for granted.  By helping our hardworking patients, we help not just them but the community.”

As his home is adjacent to the Pittsfield Municipal Airport, he became involved in the Airport Planning Committee. Studies of the area’s ecology led to participation in the Conservation Commission and the stewardship of the wetlands, rivers and lakes in and around Pittsfield. He was called on to participate in more and more civic activities (including Pittsfield Animal Control, Health Advisory Council and the Master Plan’s Open Space and Recreation Subcommittee). His involvement in local politics culminated in a role as campaign manager for current Pittsfield mayor Linda Tyer.

Says Tom, “I take on these activities for enjoyment and civic responsibility.  If there is a problem, I get involved in it and it snowballs from there!”

But Tom’s not just about business…. In his “leisure” time, Tom enjoys fantasy football, the Pittsfield Suns, hiking with his regular Sunday group and gardening.  In fact, his pickles (made with homegrown cukes, dill and garlic) are three-time winners of the annual Whitney Farm Corn Festival pickle contest!

by Ellen Antoville