Clinical Care Coordinator: FNP

Job Description

Primary Function:   To oversee day to day delivery of medical care (including mental health, optometry, acupuncture and nutritional and diabetic counseling) provided at VIM Berkshires

Reports to:  Medical Director(s)
Supervises:  Medical Assistant, Medical Case Managers, Nurse Volunteers

Area of Responsibility:  Direct patient care 
Principal Duties:

  • Evaluate and treat patients at regularly scheduled sessions
  • Evaluate and treat walk-in patients
  • Substitute for absent providers, when needed

Area of Responsibility: Clinical 
Principal Duties: 

  • Triage of patient and of non-patient inquiries to determine clinical suitability for VIM services
  • Oversee VIM medical clinic sessions
  • Coordinate VIM patient care, including: Pharmaceuticals; Liaison with other Vim Providers; Labs, imaging and other external referrals; Counseling and education; Follow-up
  • Oversee the VIM pharmaceutical and vaccine programs
  • Oversee procurement, quality and maintenance of clinical equipment and supplies
  • Orientation and training of nursing volunteers and staff
  • Support paid and volunteer medical staff as required
  • Assist with clinical tasks as needed 

Area of Responsibility:  Administrative
Principal Duties:

  • Assist with the quality assurance management program
  • Assist with the risk management program
  • Assist with review of and adherence to OSHA regulations
  • Assist in the development and implementation of medical policies and procedures
  • Assist in the orientation and training of medical providers

Other Duties:

  • Provide support for the Clinic’s fundraising and volunteer recruitment efforts
  • Work with administrative staff to ensure the smooth and efficient functioning of the Clinic
  • Communicate and liaison with other community healthcare agencies
  • Attend Board of Trustees and Executive Committee meetings