Winter 2016-17 Clinical Volunteers

The dedicated, generous gift of time, skills and experience of so many volunteers is why VIM works, how we function. We are happy to feature all of our Winter 2016-2017 clinical volunteers here in this listing. Many thanks go to each of them!

Claudia Austin Curry
Robert Edwards, DDS
Gerry Goldberg, DMD
William Hayhurst, DDS
James Higgins, DMD
Becky Jemlich
Thomas Sakshaug, DDS
Frank Sessa, DDS
Joanne Simpson, DH
Whitney Smith, DH
James Whitman, DMD
Nan Wile

Stephanie Baldwin, RN
Linda Baxter, CNM
Jeffrey W. Blake, MD
Priscilla Cote, RN
Robert Davenport, MD
Dick Diamond, MD
Frayda Diamond, CNM
Herb Diamond, MD
John DuBois, MD
Douglas Hyde, MD
Roselyn Kolodny, MD
Kornelia Krzyanowska, RN
Susan Lord, MD
Leslie Marcus, APRN
Andy Plager, MD
Patricia Pyle, RN
Paul Smilow, MD
Barbara Snyder, MD
Maureen Wellspeak, RN
Stephen Wittenberg, MD
Claudia Zapata

Mental Health
Donald Cook, LICWS
Amy T. Jenter, LICSW
Nelda McGraw, MHCMD
Ellen Rowntree, MD
Joe Schwartz, MD
Judith Waldman, Psychologist


Naomi Alson, Lic. Acupuncturist
Michelle Manto, Lic.  Acupuncturist

Massage Therapy
Robert Sykes

Nancy Mills
Christine Scott

John Galt
Sara Kleiner-Goudy, OD
Martha Booth


While every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, we apologize for any inadvertent errors or omissions. Please contact to make corrections. Thank you for your understanding.